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Candidate from 'European Belarus' removed from election

Aksana Yushkevich at the picket /

District Election Commission of electoral district #96 has cancelled the registration of Aksana Yushkevich as a candidate for deputy. According to the website of the administration of Kastrychnitski borough in Minsk, the decision was passed by the commission on Saturday, October 26.

The commission received a document from citizen T. Stasheuskaya, who reported that on October 20, the electoral legislation was violated by Yushkevich at a picket near the Academy of Administration.

The Commission noted that the picket was held in an authorized place, but the candidate did not inform Minsk City Executive Committee about the holding of mass events in Minsk. The election commission also considered it a violation that leaflets of "European Belarus" were distributed at the picket.

As Yushkevich had already received two warnings (on 23 and 25 October), she was removed from the elections.

The activist has the right to appeal the decision of the district commission with the Minsk City Commission within three days.