Political prisoner Bandarenka sorry for statement by Platform chairperson


Political prisoner and human rights defender Andrei Bandarenka has apologized for the scandalous statement made by current chairperson of Platform Innovation Alena Krasouskaya-Kaspyarovich. Political prisoners ‘are wining’ and the prisons have become ‘like the army’, she said.

"Being the founder and owner of Platform Innovation, I would like to apologize for the tactless and incorrect statement about political prisoners and their living conditions in prisons made by the temporary director of Platform Innovation Krasouskaya-Kaspyarovch on my and Mihail Zhamchyzhny behalf,” Novy Chas quotes Bandarenka.

The statement is Krasouskaya-Kaspyarovich’s ‘personal and non-professional point of view’ that does not correspond to the reality, he claimed.

Bandarenka suggested including members of Platform Innovation, Viasna, Human Rights Alliance, the initiative For Freedom and others into a prison monitoring group.

Photo: svaboda.org