Brest inhabitant accused of slandering Lukashenka is in mental hospital


Brester Mihail Lukashevich accused of slandering the President has been sent to Navinki mental hospital for a psychiatric expertise, human rights defender Uladzimir Vyalichkin told Euroradio.

He had not been able to contact Lukashevich for about a week and asked investigators about his whereabouts. The fact that the man is in mental hospital was reported on the phone.

The criminal case was started against Mihail Lukashevich in December 2014. The self-made posters he attached to his fence were the reason for it. He criticized the current Belarusian authorities and the Soviet government. Lukashenka was mentioned in some of them.

"Despite the fact that he removed the posters investigators considered insulting, he was sent to Navinki. He agreed to go there, an investigator said. I am hoping that this is true but it is strange that he did not report it,” Vyalichkin told Euroradio.

Lukashevich’s fate will depend on the results of the expertise. He is facing up to 4 years of imprisonment for slandering the President. If he is mentally ill, he will be isolated from the society for up to 2 years and undergo compulsory treatment.