"Beltelekam" to introduce digital TV package “Simple TV” on February 1

The new package will be based on IPTV platform just like “Premiere” package but the broadcasting will be real time. There will be no interactive functions. The package will cost 15.2 thousand roubles a month plus the installation charge of 25 thousands.

"Inhabitants of the provinces who have no alternative to the social package of 5 or 6 channels will get interested in it. We will give them an opportunity to watch an expanded list of channels for a small charge”, - informed a representative of the company Volha Vitkouskaya. Users of “Simple TV” will have access to the interface of “Premiere” and the electronic version of programmes.

To order the new package, one will have to send an application to the service centre and an affiliate of “Beltelecam” and to wait for the reply about the possibility of ordering the service. “Simple TV” includes 31 channels just like “”Premiere”.