Belarusian regime needs more media front fighters?

Marcin Mikolajek
Marcin Mikolajek

Polish man Marcin Mikolajek, who sought political asylum in Belarus, may become more interesting for the state propaganda than the deceased Emil Czeczko. However, they both won't be of much help to the local propagandists like Azaronak, said politician Anatol Liabedzka.

He told Euroradio how Czeczko was different from Mikolajek and why the appearance of another strange Pole in Belarus is not part of a trend.

“Рэжыму патрэбныя байцы інфармацыйнага фронту”: навошта новы “Чэчка”?

"The example of Czeczko is not good for the regime. It would be quite another matter if he had been a talented propagandist who would have sat next to Azaronak and said something as an expert on Poland. But he turned out to be very weak in this, and, I think, he simply could not withstand the psychological stress. He had expectations; one could see that he would be wrapped up in attention, some respect. In fact, I would say that Czeczko was killed by the Belarusian regime as well. It does not give people hope, even to such peculiar people as Czeczko," says Anatol Liabedzka. "With Mikolajek, however, the situation is different. If Czeczko was a random person with an unstable psyche, this specimen is a person who represents the Russian world. He seems to be doing it deliberately, though maybe for the money. The Belarusian propagandists may use him for longer". 

However, Anatol is sure that Mikolajek's appearance in the information space will have no particular effect.

"The regime needs fighters of the information front. And, of course, only Belarusians like Azaronak are not enough. Thus, either they will have to look for them somewhere in Poland and pay, or he will stay in some apartment, and they will use him from time to time. But I will stress that there will still be no breakthrough in the information war because of the emergence of such personalities. Who remembers Czeczko now? Journalists, activists?"

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