Belarusian Ministry of Justice refuses to register BCD for sixth time

The Belarusian Ministry of Justice has refused to register the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party for the sixth time. Officials have found ‘rude violations of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus’ in documents. The last constituent assembly of the BCD was held in December 2015. A number of citizens claimed that they were not the founders of the party and that they had not signed the documents, the Ministry of Justice reports. Some of the funders were not Belarusian citizens.

They wanted to get detailed information about the BCD’s constituent assembly but did not get it, officials said. Moreover, ‘numerous violations were revealed’.  That is why the party was refused registration. Its founders may appeal the decision in the Supreme Court. However, the court took the Ministry’s side in October 2015.


Officials also found violation in the party documents and some of the signees refused from their signatures last time. However, the people refused from their signatures under the authorities’ pressure, BCD claimed back then.