Belarusian hurt in road accident in Ukraine transported to Brest hospital


The accident happened in the morning on July 11 near the village of Volya Lyubitovska, not far from Kovel. A Belarusian tourist bus collided into a Ukrainian route bus. The bus with 50 passengers (including dozens of teenagers) . was going to a resort in Bulgaria. 8 people died (one child from Belarus, born in 2000), dozens of people were hurt (25 of them are citizens of our country).

Yesterday, Deputy Chief Physician of Kovel central hospital Lyudmyla Ivakhnyuk said the following to Euroradio:


"One patient in a serious condition was taken to Minsk in an intensive care unit car. All the rest 24 patients stay here. However, they say the transportation has been arranged for them for tomorrow. We will check them in the morning and then ICU cars should arrive by 11."

BELTA adds that the Belarusian girl in a serious condition was transported to Brest regional hospital. She is conscious, the surgery hasn't been done yet. 5 ICU cars will go to Kovel from Brest today in order to take those who got serious injuries in the road accident. The people with minor or no injuries will be delivered to Brest by bus and then sent to Minsk.