Bus accidents

The incident occurred at the interaction of Gagarin and Ulyanovskaya Streets in Babruisk.

The accident occurred on the Vitsebsk-Homel highway in Byhau District at 12 a.m. on February 10.

They will be delivered to Minsk from Brest by July 16.

Psychologists are aboard the ambulances together with doctors, while a couch from Brest is also on the way to crash victims in Ukraine.

She is in a serious condition. 24 Belarusian citizens stay in Kovel hospital, including 18 children. They will also be transported to Belarus today.

The Belarusian tourists involved in a road accident in Ukraine will be transported back to Minsk.

Information and psychological assistance can be received by phone: +375 17 2092776 і +375 17 2092767.

A Minsk bus has collided with a tourist bus from Bulgaria near Kovel. 7 people including 1 child have died, over 20 have been injured.