Children injured in bus collision in Ukraine to be delivered to Minsk


Chief physician of Brest Province Children’s Hospital Lyudmila Ihnatchyk told it to BelTA. Parents of Minsk schoolchildren asked for it. The children’s condition allows transportation.

Three children injured in the bus collision in Ukraine are in Brest Province Hospital now – 2 girls and boy aged 15, 14 and 11. They have craniocerebral injuries. One child has a cervical vertebra injury.

One of the injured adults is undergoing treatment if Brest Province Hospital. The woman will stay in the intensive care unit for the next 2 days. Then she will be transferred to the neurosurgery department.

The road accident occurred on the highway Domanovo-Kovel on July 11. The Belarusian tourist bus transporting a children’s choreography ensemble to a Bulgarian resort collided with a Ukrainian bus. 8 people including both drivers a 12-year-old boy and five Ukrainian passengers died in the head-on collision. About 30 people were injured. A criminal case has been started.