40 out of 50 passengers of Belarusian bus were teenagers

The bus with 50 Belarusian tourists was heading for a Bulgarian seaside resort. It collided with a Ukrainian jitney near the village of Lyubitovskaya near Kovel in the morning. 8 people died (including a Belarusian child born in 2000 and two foreigners, the other were Ukrainians). 30 people were injured (22 Belarusians). The other passengers have been accommodated in several hotels in Kovel.

The managers Belfresh, the company that organized the trip, have left for Ukraine.

There were only 8 adults on the Belarusian coach. The other passengers were teenagers under 16 years old, Ukranian news agency UNIAN reports. The bus belonged to a Bulgarian company, the drivers were Bulgarians. Both of them died.

Photo: Virtual Brest