Belarus in top five countries with cheapest broadband

Ukraine ranks first  / pixabay

According to it-online, Belarus has become one of the five countries with the cheapest broadband in the world. The journalists refer to the data of the TradingPlatfroms platform analysts.

Ukraine occupies first place in the ranking of countries with the world's cheapest access to high-speed Internet. On average, one has to pay just over $6 a month for such access.

"The Ukrainian mobile and broadband infrastructure is excellent, allowing internet providers to get more data at a lower average cost of internet," says TradingPlatforms financial analyst Edith Reeds.

The top five countries with the cheapest high-speed Internet, according to TradingPlatforms, also included Moldova, Russia and Kazakhstan.

And the most expensive broadband Internet access is in Eritrea. There you have to pay more than $2.6 thousand a month for broadband access.


Самый дешёвый и самый дорогой интернет в мире /

Among European countries, the most expensive Internet is in the UK, Italy and France. They are among the ten most expensive countries in terms of high-speed Internet costs. Residents of the United Kingdom pay an average of $34.78 for broadband, Italians pay $32.73 and the French pay $32.16 a month.

The TradingPlatfroms sample covers 211 countries.

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