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Belarus' state debt up 14.4%

Photo from open sources

The state debt amounted 42,3 billion rubles as of 1 December 2017, a 5.3 billion or 14.4% up against the beginning of the year, reports quoting the Ministry of Finances.

Belarus' external debt reached 16.6 billion rubles as of 1 December and grew 2.9 billion rubles or 21.3%, exchange rate fluctuations included.

Belarus raised $3.769 billion in foreign loans and spent $915.2 million to service the state debt.

Domestic state loan has dropped down to 9.1 billion rubles as of 1 December.

In 2018, the government plans to spend 2.5 billion rubles to service the state debt, up 25.2% against the 2017 estimates. Payments to service the foreign debt will increase by $238.9 million against 2017.

Belarus plans to spend 5.489 billion rubles to repay the loans, including 4.346 billion rubles to service the foreign debt.