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Belarus scraps visas, road tolls during 2019 European Games


Belarus will introduce a visa-free regime during the 2nd European Games in Minsk in 2019, according to Decree 292 that President Lukashenka signed on 24 July. The text of the edict has been officially published on the National Legal Information Internet Portal. 

The visa waiver will be in effect from 20 May through 10 July 2019. It will apply to the European Games participants, official representatives of the World Anti-Doping Agency, foreign specialists in the field of doping control and anti-doping enforcement, foreign volunteers, performing artists, singers and other creative persons, technical and support stuff at the European Games. 

Foreign tourists may also take use of the visa-free entry from 10 June through 10 July 2019. 

To be eligible for the visa-free entry to Belarus, the participants and staff of the European Games must have valid travel documents and hold accreditation of the European Games. Foreign tourists must have valid travel documents and a printed original or e-ticket for the sporting events of the European Games and (or) to its opening/closing ceremony.

Additionally, from 10 June through 10 July 2019 all vehicles with the gross weight of not more than 3.5 tons along with trailers will be exempted from paying the fee on Belarus' tolled roads.