Belarus MP to talk to cult members in Russian cave siege

Mikalai Dubovik, the deputy chairman of the Commission on Health, Physical Culture, Family and Youth Affairs at the House of Representatives, today left Moscow for the Penza region, Belarus Embassy in Russia told reporters.

The MP is accompanied by a staff from the consular department of the Belarus Embassy. The lawmaker and the diplomat intend to study the situation on the spot and convince the Belarusian nationals to leave the cave, reports Belta.

The Belarus Embassy also said that some 30 believers, including 10 Belarus nationals and two children, remain in a cave in the village of Nikolskoye, awaiting "the end of the world". Police, rescuers and doctors are on 24-hour stand-by near the cave. Authorities and local Orthodox priests are trying to negotiate with the self-barricaded followers of the "True Russian Orthodox Church".