Belarus confirms previous plans of oil products supplies to Russia

Belarus is going to supply the volume of oil products mentioned in its agreement with Russia in 2016, deputy CEO of Belneftekhim Vital Paulau claimed.

"We are working according to the existing agreement,” quotes Paulau’s statement pronounced in Svetlahorsk on Wednesday. However, the concern representative did not mention the volume of supplies to Russia in January-May 2016. There is no since in discussing any numbers when the year is not over, Paulau explained.


Belarus agreed to buy 24 million tons of duty-free Russian oil and return 1 million tons of oil products in 2016.


Belarusian oil products supplied to Russia will cost as much as the products in the other markets, Belarusian Vice PM Uladzimir Syamashka said at the end of January. The difference in the prices for petrol supplied to the EU and Russia reached 80-100 dollars, he noted.