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Ice rink? Good enough for paintings in Minsk - in pictures

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Artist Darya Karpava on 15 December staged an exhibition of her 15 paintings on the ice rink near the Palace of Sports in central Minsk. The action took place exactly one month after artist Siarhei Savich had showcased his works in a moving metro car. 

"We received lots of warm comments both from the passengers who had happened to be in that metro train car and the media. Hence, we decided to carry on. If people in Minsk like running across art in an unexpected place and time, we will continue to give people such an opportunity," say the organizers of #15 paintings. 

Darya Karpava is 33 years old. An artist by education, she has painted only over the past five years. Darya usually works in advertising to make . buck as a food-style photographer.

"I decided to join the project, because I liked the idea when art goes to people instead of people walking to watch art in a gallery. Art is alive, people are alive. All combined, it is very beautiful," says Darya Karpava. 

You can follow the #15paintings project here.