Art in Belarus

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The artist painted a portrait of the Belarusian leader last year and quickly sold it.

Photo: Alyaksei Kuzmich’s Facebook

The National Center for Modern Art says the artist who protested against censorship has damaged its business reputation.

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Organizers remove a poster from the Cześć Brześć exhibition after a wave of negative comments on social media.

Photo: Nasha Niva

The composition promoting the mother tongue “White Bird” was installed in Peramozcau Avenue on December 31.

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Belarus artist stages an exhibition on an ice rink in Minsk - in pictures.

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Sergei Savich, Belarusian free artist, describes the act as "art intruding into urban space."


"This is history, traditions and memory for me even though I am half Belarusian by origin,” Yuliya Mamedava said.

Photo from Karavianski's Facebook page

"Could Edvard Munch's The Scream have scared someone?" laments the organizer of the exhibition.

“Pahonya” tapestry. Photo:

Today is the last day of the exposition dedicated to 100 years since Belarusian People’s Republic “CODE: 25.03.18” in Minsk.