'Wild Hunt' London premiere is rap, electronica and audience in tears

"King Stakh's Wild Hunt" in London on September 14, 2023 / twitter.com/zmiecer

"King Stakh's Wild Hunt" in London on September 14, 2023 / twitter.com/zmiecer / twitter.com/zmiecer

The world premiere of "King Stach's Wild Hunt" ran at the Barbican Theater in London from September 14th to 16th.

Some people have already had time to see the Belarusian Free Theater's production based on the work of Uladzimir Karatkevich. And Alina Koushyk, a representative of the United Transitional Cabinet for National Revival, visited the Barbican on the evening of September 15.

Euroradio found out what is being said about the play, how Alina Koushyk will see it and what some people didn't like.

"I Cried"

A cabinet spokeswoman says it is one of the most important cultural events of the year. That's why she wanted to be at the premiere.

"I got an invitation from the Free Theater. And now I'm in London. And I'll tell you an interesting fact. When I flew to London, I happened to meet Andrei Hadanovich, who wrote the libretto for the opera. So I already know that it will be very strong and interesting. It is a very modern production with elements of electronic music and rap music. So it's not a classical opera that we're used to. But the Free Theater never does classical productions, it is absolutely in their style.

Andrei told me that not all the texts fit into the opera, which will last more than two and a half hours. Some interesting moments had to be cut out, they were not included in the final version of the performance. But I really hope that it will be possible to read what Andrei has done. He told me that there will be great effects - King Stakh's horsemen will fly".

Прэм’ера “Дзікага палявання” ў Лондане — гэта рэп, электроніка і слёзы гледачоў
Artists of the Belarusian Free Theater at the premiere on September 14 / facebook.com/siarhei.padsasonny

While Alina Koushyk waits, one of the Belarusian emigrants managed to go to the performance on September 14 and briefly shared her impressions on Twitter:

"The review is as follows: I cried," writes the user with the nickname Active-Aggressive.

Another Twitter user liked it, but there are some upsetting things:

"The only question: why is the Belarusian opera in the Belarusian language sung by Ukrainians?" the Twitter user Little Zyanon writes. "I love and support Ukraine, but are there really no Belarusians? And if there really aren't, you could have prepared a non-opera (the Ukrainian singers and actors did an excellent job, the accent was almost inaudible).

Did I think three years ago that today I would hear an opera in Belarusian in the center of London? Mixed feelings, of course, kind of cool, but ....

How to attend such an event: the bow is Belarusian, the companion is a famous architect

Прэм’ера “Дзікага палявання” ў Лондане — гэта рэп, электроніка і слёзы гледачоў
Alina Koushyk at a meeting with Belarusians in London at the Skaryna Library. A picture of political prisoner Ihar Alinevich on Koushyk's T-shirt / Alina Koushyk

But back to Alina Koushyk, who had some more interesting things to say. The cabinet spokeswoman is going to the premiere with her boyfriend, architect Ziwai So, the author of the project of the Church of St. Cyril of Turau and all patron saints of the Belarusian people in London.

Прэм’ера “Дзікага палявання” ў Лондане — гэта рэп, электроніка і слёзы гледачоў
The Church of St. Cyril of Turau and All Patrons of the Belarusian People / Alina Koushyk

"By the way, I'm going today, because today is the main premiere. And it's interesting that before the performance there will be a discussion. But I don't know how many people have been invited".

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