Babruisk entrepreneurs protest against planned check-ups


Representatives of the tax inspectorate and sanitation service came to Babruisk markets on the morning of June 13. They started checking certificates for goods. It there were no certificates, protocols were drawn up and the goods were confiscated.
Some Babruisk markets stopped working. Entrepreneurs gathered near the office of the City Executive Committee.

“As a result of negotiations with officials it was decided to put the check-up off till Friday. We will meet representatives the tax inspectorate and sanitation service on Friday and they will be able to inform us about their opinion on the problem. We also managed to put off all sanctions till Friday”, - informed an activist of the entrepreneurs’ movement Alena Myadzvedzeva in her interview with BelaPAN.

According to her, about 200 entrepreneurs from Babruisk markets took part in that spontaneous protest action.