Austrian sociologist: No new ‘Square’ expected in Belarus during election

There will be no revolutionary changes in Belarus during this year’s presidential election, sociologist, professor of the University of Aberdeen (UK) and president of the World Values Survey (Austria) Christian Haerpfer told Belarus-1.

The conditions have changed due to the events in Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Russia, the expert thinks. “There are a lot of dangerous conflicts around you. I can tell you for sure that Belarusians are a peace-loving and pragmatic nation. You are different from Frenchmen, Italians and your emotional neighbours ready to attack policemen with tear gas and shooting,” BelaPAN quotes the sociologist.

The conflicts in the neighbouring states have brought voters down to earth, Haerpfer thinks. The value of security outweighs the desire to protest.

Uncontrollable migration is the thing Belarusians fear most before the presidential election, Haerpfer   said. The second thing is the fear of unemployment that may come together with migrants, he noted.