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Another Belarusian soldier hangs himself

Military unit in Slonim / Alyaksandr Burakou, DW

The Ministry of Defense has confirmed that a soldier of the Slonim 11th Mechanized Brigade committed suicide on June 1. This happened at home, the deceased was not in a military unit at the time.

“He was a contract serviceman. The military department together with the competent authorities studied the circumstances of the incident. The reasons for this act, committed during off-duty hours, are not related to military service. They are due to purely personal circumstances. He was well regarded in the service, he positively and conscientiously fulfilled his official duties,” Uladzimir Makarau, press secretary of the Defense Ministry’s main ideological work department, told Euroradio.

Colleagues and the military department expressed their condolences to the family and friends and will try to provide the necessary assistance, he added.

Information about suicide appeared in the telegram channel Nexta.