Anniversary of Slutsk Defence Action 1920 marked today (video)

Cёння адзначаецца Дзень герояў — угодкі Слуцкага паўстання 1920-га (відэа)

The Heroes Day is unofficially marked in Belarus on November 27. The Slutsk Defence Action stared on this day in 1920 (Slutsk Uprising). Armed groups consisting mostly of Slutsk peasants started defending the Belarusian People’s Republic in November 1920. The insurgents (from 5 to 10 thousand people) started fighting against the overwhelming Bolshevist forces on November 27.

They struggled until the end of December 1920 and had to retreat to the territory controlled by the Polish Army. Some of them became partisans and fought against the Soviet authorities in their native heath for several years.

Cёння адзначаецца Дзень герояў — угодкі Слуцкага паўстання 1920-га (відэа)

Slutsk authorities have allowed the BPF Party to organize a demonstration dated for the Heroes Day in the city on November 28. People will be able to gather near the Museum of the Local Lore at 2.30 p.m. The CCP-BPF has also been allowed to organize street actions dated for the Heroes Day. They will be held in Kapyl and Salihorsk Districts and Slutsk on November 29.

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