Andrei Dzmitryyeu: Time to speak about KGB detention


His confession
helped and his wife was released on the same evening, Andrei Dzmitryyeu told Euroradio.

's letters revealing some facts connected with the election
campaign-2010 have been published recently. But Dzimtryyeu says that his confession
is not connected with Statkevich's letters:

"Mr. Tamkovich phoned me six months ago and said that he was
going to write a book about those who had spent some time in prison and their
fate... He asked me a few questions. The book is out and will be presented
tomorrow... It is time to publish such things."

Tamkovich's book Life After Prison will be presented in the office of
the BPF (Charnysheuski Street, 3-39) on February 26 at 6 p.m. Dzmitryyeu is
going to attend the presentation. He is ready for tricky questions.

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