Ales Mikhalevich to run for House of Representatives

Алесь Міхалевіч збіраецца ўдзельнічаць у выбарах у Палату прадстаўнікоў

Ales Mikhalevich is going to participate in the elections to the House of Representatives. He stated this in an interview with Radio Liberty.

Recently, the investigator of the former presidential candidate's criminal case told him that the period of investigation was extended for another month - until 10 March. But this, based on Mikhalevich, is not a hindrance for running. "In Belarus, there is a presumption of innocence. Until there is a court decision on my criminal case, I can run," said the politician, the former political emigrant.

For Ales Mikhalevich, the purpose of the participation in the elections is the desire to learn, "how people live and what they have in their heads." He's going to run in the Minsk Uruchcha. "It is a very interesting place, because there is a part of the internal troops and a military academy," said Mikhalevich.

In 2014, Ales Mikhalevich was restored as a member of the BPF Party. He is going to run as its member.