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800 cultural workers speak out against violence and ballot rigging in Belarus

Belarus-2020 / From the Euroradio archive​

More than 800 Belarusian cultural and art workers have spoken out against the violence of the security forces and election fraud in the country. They signed an open letter demanding to reconsider the results of the presidential elections, to release and rehabilitate political prisoners, to end intimidation and pressure on cultural workers, to reinstate those dismissed at work for expressing their civic position, to liquidate the "institution of "black lists" as a shameful phenomenon inadmissible in European society of XXI century". Also, the signatories demand "to launch a case regarding beatings and brutal abuse of citizens detained during peaceful demonstrations."

Among the signers of the letter are People's Artists of Belarus Zinaida Bandarenka and Zoya Belakhvostsik, ex-Minister of Culture Pavel Latushka, Honored Artists of Belarus Valery Daineka, Anzhalika Ahurbash. The full letter can be found here.