3-million euros tower arrives at Hrodna's Azot - in pictures

У Гродна на "Азот" прывезлі вежу, якая каштуе тры мільёны еўра (фота)

AZOT, one of Europe's biggest chemicals manufacturers based in Hrodna, Belarus has brought a tower that costs 3 million euros, weighs 166 tons and as tall as a 16-storey buildng. The giant tower is needed to absorb nitrogene gases that create nitric acid. The arrival of the tower was anticipated for two years.

The journey to Hrodna, Belarus was not easy. Upon arriving at the Baltic Sea port of Klaipeda, the column moved to Belarus via Vitsebsk region. When on the territory of Belarus, the tower was moved via local roads - always guarded by traffic police escorts with the speed of not more than 10 km/h.

The tower arrived in Hrodnda after four days of road journey (360 km).