26% Maidan protesters speak Russian (infographics)

About 73% of Maidan protesters are ready to stay there as long as needed. Polltakers decided to find out who these people are and what they want.

Half the people are from Kiev, the others are from the provinces. There are a bit more men among them.

About 63% received higher education. Only 14% are students. There are various specialists at Maidan and about 9% are businessmen and heads of enterprises.

There are also housewives, farmers, workers, soldiers and policemen among them.

— I am a pshycologist.

— I’m a nurse.

— I’m an engineer.

— We are nurses too, – girls making sandwiches in one of the tents said.

Interestingly, most people came to Maidan on their own and are not members of any parties or civil organizations.

This Euromaidan is pretty adult in comparison with the previous one dispersed by Berkut (most of those protesters were students). Older people came to protect students. About 60% are above 30 and 15% are pensioners.

Maidan speaks Ukrainian. 26% speak Russian and 19% speak both languages.

Most people are ready to leave Maidan only when the authorities fulfill all their demands. The top priorities are releasing detained protesters, stopping the repressions, resignation of the government, Yanukovich’s resignation and new elections.

70% of people came to the action because of the severe dispersal of students by Bekut. Only half the people came because of the agreement with the EU.