17:51Minsk Embassies receive appeals concerning political prisoners


Youth activists have sent appeals to Embassies of nine countries asking them to help release political prisoners in Belarus.

The appeals are signed by the head of the Belarusian communist Party Anatol Lybedzka, the former presidential candidate Aliaksandar Milinkevich, the deputy head of BNF Yury Hadyka and the head of the Labour Party (liquidated by the authorities) Aliaksandar Buhvostau.

The document says that the country’s democratic society and leaders of political parties are indignant at “illegal authorities’ actions which don’t stop repressions but promote them”. The detention of a UDP activist Dzynis Dzyanisau is recalled. He may be sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment for organization of a street action in Vitsebsk.

The appeal has been sent the Embassies of Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and USA, reports the UDP press Service.