Zyanon Paznyak: Current Belarusian "opposition" should disappear


A liberation movement should replace the
opposition in Belarus, Zyanon Paznyak thinks.

"There can be no opposition
to an occupation regime promoting an antinational occupation policy (in the democratic
- the politician noted.

Paznyak suggested creating a liberation movement
on the basis of the BPF in 1997. However, the structure called "the opposition"
was created in response to the appeal "to create a solidary national alternative
to the regime". Pragmatists, communists and Lukashenka's ex-functionaries joined
it and announced themselves "opposition members", the politician

"New people
will come, there are those who have a new, Belarusian mentality opposed to the
old, Soviet one,"
BelPAN quotes Paznyak.

Photo by — bymedia.net