Youth activist Zmicier Khvedaruk in KGB custody

Youth activist Zmicier Khvedaruk has been taken to the KGB custody, his friend Barys Garecki told the European Radio for Belarus. His whereabouts have been confirmed by Zmicier's relatives, he said.

Garecki thinks that Zmicier Khvedaruk and Aleg Korban will be charged within three days but could possible stay in custody for up to ten days before the trial.

The youth activists are likely to face criminal charges of acting on behalf of an unregistered organization.

28 activists of the unregistered organization Malady Front (Youth Front) were arrested on Sunday afternoon in a private apartment during the meeting of the organization's central council.

All full-age detainees, apart from Khvedaruk and Korban, were eventually released. The arrested teen activists were picked by their parents.