Youth Front leader Zmicier Dashkevich detained in Minsk

The leader of the Czech Republic-based organization Young Front Zmicier Dashkevich was detained on September 8 in the backyard of his house, his wife Nasta wrote on her Facebook account.

"A neighbor called me and said she had heard Zmitser Dashkevich crying "Help!". Some 10-15 people were loading him into a van. He did not look well. Neighbors popped up in their windows and on the balconies, some shouting directions for me where to run to. Zmicier was taken away in a van (photo below). The startled women lamented why they had beaten him" ;(((
P.S. Zmicier went out to the cellar but had phone on him.

Nasta called the police and reported her husband's abduction.

Young Front planned to stage a street action near the Russian embassy tonight.