Yarmoshyna: Observers will see vote count at next election

Ярмошына: На наступных выбарах назіральнікі ўбачаць падлік бюлетэняў, а не спіны

CEC chairperson Lizdiya Yarmoshyna has promised to change the methods of work of election committees before the next election. In particular, observers will be able to see the vote count insated of election committee members’ backs.


This is Yarmoshyna’s response to the most common complaint about the elections.

"I think that all ballot papers should be counted at one end of the table. Election committee members should not surround the table like they did,” the official claimed in an online interview at tut.by.

The recommendation will satisfy observers and election committee members, she thinks.

The lack of transparency during the vote count was mentioned by Belarusian and international observers.  It was the main drawback of the Belarusian election, OSCE observers said.

Photo: belaruspartisan.org