Yarmoshyna: I left like men do – my ex-husbands got apartments

"Nobody noticed my divorce in Minsk although I was already a media person. I provided my ex-husbands with flats. I left them like men do. I left our flat in Kaliningrad to my first husband. I understood that my second husband needed to live somewhere so I sold our flat and bought him a studio,” the CEC chairperson said in the programme There IS A Way-Out on Belarus-1.

The situation reached a point where she was relived to say ‘no’, Lidziya Yarmoshyna recalled.

"It is the latest craze now to organize divorce parties. I organized the first party in Kaliningrad in 1996. Even my husband was present. I set the table. Then I stood up and told my friends: we are celebrating the divorce of the Yarmoshyns. One of my friends said: ‘You are a real villain.’”  

"I wash the floors in my free time. I clean the flats for my mother, unmarried son and I  clean the governmental summer house where I live now,” Lidziya Yarmoshyna said.

Lidziya Yarmoshyna also commented on women who ‘harp about rights’:

"Bigwigs’ wives often complain: why do I have to iron his shirts? My dear, you live thanks to his money. What equality are you talking about? If you want equality – leave him.”