Woman died after plastic surgery in Minsk


The woman underwent a nose correction plastic surgery at a private medical center in Minsk as far back as on March 27. She was planning to get married. However, the operation went wrong and the woman did not regain consciousness, according to media reports.

Yulia Kubarava spent four weeks in a coma. Doctors at Clinical Hospital No 4 in Minsk did all they could to save the young woman, but unfortunately she died at the end of April.

According to relatives, the surgery lasted for almost three hours instead of standard one-two hours. The surgeon left the center right after the operation. The anesthesiologist checked the patient but said she would wake up on her own. He left the worried parents as well. At night, a nurse called the doctors who transported the patient to the emergeny case at Clinical Hospital No 4.

Preliminary reports suggest that artificial respiration machine switched off during the surgery. It turned out that nobody had cared to check the machine since April 2010. The Investigation Committee has opened an inquiry into the case.

Photo: social networks