Wheelchaired Belarusian travels across Europe, his mother deprived of allowance

Belarusian Sasha Audzevich (1st disability group) used a hand bike to ride 4 thousand kilometers across Europe. It was the young man’s dream. Finally, he managed to reach Portugal by hand bike.

However, having returned home, Audzevich found out that his mother had been deprived of the allowance. It happened soon after his departure, Sasha wrote on Facebook.


Officials from the pension, allowance and social protection department of Lida District Executive Committee explained it by the fact that Audzevich’s mother had not accompanied her son in Europe, tut.by reports.

His mother was supporting him all the time, the man said. She was sending him money and was ready to come and help him at any moment. She could not accompany her son because the family did not have money for such a trip, the woman explained. Her monthly allowance is 140 roubles and this is the family’s only source of income. The woman has no right to get a job.

Hanna Audzevich is going to apply for the allowance again since her son is back.