Volha Klaskouskaya left in Swedish prison

The Swedish police have made the decision, Radio Liberty reports referring to Volha’s friend, ex-head of the Union of Belarusians in Sweden Ales Litsvinchyk.

Klaskouskaya’s hearing was held on April 29. The isolation squally lasts for one month, Litsvinchyk said. Klaskouskaya’s case is an exception. She cannot meet other prisoners even when she is allowed to go for a walk. Klaskiuksya wrote a letter asking to deport her to Belarus on April 24. The Belarusian emigrant was detained on suspicion of attempting at her husband’s life in Sweden on March 30.

You can write to Klaskouskaya using this address:

Volha Klaskouskaya (2013/141) Häktet Österåker Box 18425, Åkersberga Sweden

Photo: svaboda.org