Valery Uhnaleu: Opposition prepares its main social action in regions


More than 800 appeals for organization of social actions that are to take place on December 16 have been sent to the authorities all over the country. Valery Uhnalyou, a leader of the Belarusian Communist Party, informed ERB about it:

“Appeals for pickets and other mass actions like meetings and manifestations have been sent in more than 50 towns”.

According to Uhnalyou, activists and adherents of opposition parties and organizations have lodged appeals for 150 pickets only in the capital (most of them were lodged by BCP – 81 and UCP - 44).

Representatives of the Belarusian Social-Democratic Party (Hramada) have sent an appeal for a manifestation in Minsk planned for December 16. Representatives of the Independent Trade Union are asking the authorities to allow their meeting.

Let us remind you that social actions dated for the cancellation of benefits that will take place in Belarus on December 17.

Valeryi Uhnaleu says that opposition leaders will leave the capital on December 16 and take part in regional actions if the authorities allow them. “The main action will be there if it is possible”, - says Uhnaleu.