U.S. Congressman: We need to build up relations with Belarus from scratch

“The USA needs to build up relations with Belarus from scratch,” Californian congressman and member of the Republican Party Dana Rohrabacher claimed.

“The American President said that the USA needed to reload its relations with Russia some time ago,” the congressman reminded. “We can also speak about a reload now [in the relations with Belarus]. The USA and all the others states need to take a detached view of the situation and think of the way to improve our relations. The USA-Russia and USA-Belarus relations have not been developing in a positive way recently and the problems should be solved together.”

The two countries’ cooperation in science may help ‘return our relations to the positive state’, Rohrabacher said. He will talk about his impressions of Belarus in the first place when he returns home, the congressman added. “We are being told that Russia and Belarus are hostile to the USA but I have noticed no proof of it during my visit,” the American politician said.

The delegation of the U.S. Congress arrived in Belarus on August 2. The trip was initiated by the USA. The congressmen visited the place where victims of Stalin’s repressions were killed in Kurapaty and the territory of the former Nazi concentration camp in Maly Trastsyanets on the first day of their visit.

The delegation met with President Alyaksandr Lukashenka and deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Alyaksandr Huryanau on August 3.

The American congressmen will also meet head of the National Bank Pavel Kalaur. The visit will finish on August 4, BelaPAN reports.