Under-the-table appointment of Belarus ice hockey national team new coach

Glen Hanlon arrived in Belarus on May 29. And he did so not just for a sight-seeing tour obviously.

The Belarusians waited for the official note whether there would be any changes in position of a head coach, during the consultative session of the coaches on May 30.

Partaking in the session were the supervisory board of the Belarusian ice hockey, Dynama Minsk coach Alyaksandr Andryeuski, the then-head coach of the national team Andrei Skabelka, who reported on the world championship results. No one said a word about Glen Hanlon as if such person did not exist.

"When we hold a seminar here, for 50 people or so, half of them sleep - I cannot understand that. When a person reads a report to them, a person who knows everything about ice hockey - they are not interested, - Chairman of the Ice Hockey Federation Yauhen Vorsin said. - They either pick their noses or sleep. What kind of a coach is that? And he says then "They pay me too little". I would pay you nothing and ban you from working as a coach."

Also, they discussed whether the limits in the Belarusian championship were reasonable, and the weak system of sports schools for children and youth, where purchasing hockey equipment is almost at the last place in the list of expenses.

The national team head coach Andrei Skabelka expressed his opinion about the pit that the Belarusian ice hockey got into:

"Where can we fall deeper, we are already on the ground. What system do we have? This is a system of prohibitions (meaning the legionary and the age limits - Euroradio). What about the system of development?"

Meanwhile, there appeared information that our Canadian guest Glen Hanlon arrived for a long time and met with some "grey cardinal". They discussed the contract for the position of the national team head coach. It looks like this combination was happening behind Yauhen Vorsin's back.

"Are you the national team head coach or not already?" - we asked Andrei Skabelka point-blank.

Andrei Skabelka: "How can I answer you?!"

Euroradio: Do you know anything?

Andrei Skabelka: "I know the same as you - from the internet."

Andrei Skabelka left the Federation building before the session was over, and drove away. The specialist knew they had not renewed his contract. In fact, he had no opportunity to realize his ideas: he was a coach for less than a year, and his "business-plan" covered a bigger period of time.

Yauhen Vorsin met with Glen Hanlon, informed that they had discussed the details of the contract. The Canadian whom we know very well will become the new head coach of the national team. The question is, which date will become the day of the official announcement of this information.

It is also a question whether the team's results will get any better with the Canadian. Whoever becomes the head coach, the work of the Belarusian ice hockey machine (or rather an ice hockey scooter) depends not just on him.

The last Day of Andrei Skabelka (second left) as head coach

Andrei Skabelka left in his black Toyota before the session ended.