Unauthorized entrepreneurs’ action held in Minsk (photo)

У Мінску прайшла несанкцыянаваная акцыя ў падтрымку ІП (фота)

An unauthorized action in support of private entrepreneurs is being held in Minsk October Square today. More than a hundred people are taking part in it. Well-known oppositions are among them – Mikalai Statkevich, Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu, Pavel Sevyarynets and Alyaksandr Makayeu.

Some of the present have arrived from the provinces.

There are police buses, a lot of policemen and people in plain clothes near the square.


The meeting is being held on the threshold of the Palace of the Republic. Private entrepreneurs are planning to stay there ‘for a long time’. They have promised to gather every Monday until the authorities listen to them.

Vitsebsk entrepreneur Iryna Yatskevich has not come to the meeting because some people had warned her that she would be jailed for two weeks for it, the present said.

500 more entrepreneurs are expected to arrive from the provinces, one of the entrepreneurs’ leaders Alyaksandr Makayeu told Euroradio. An appeal to the authorities will be signed when they appear.

Private entrepreneurs demand that the government cancelled decree #222 on certificates and #48 on state control over technical regulation.

The association Pserpectiva refused from the today’s action and withdrew its application from Minsk City Executive Committee earlier.


У Мінску прайшла несанкцыянаваная акцыя ў падтрымку ІП (фота)
У Мінску прайшла несанкцыянаваная акцыя ў падтрымку ІП (фота)