Ukrainian prime minister's father could be a Nazi collaborator in Belarus

A new political scandal is unfolding in Ukraine ahead of the September 30 early parliamentary elections. The "Orange" media published news that the father of the Ukrainian prime minister Victor Yanukovich allegedly served as a Nazi police officer in Belarus during the World War Two. The statement is confirmed by the documents from the Belarusian archives.

According to the documents, Fyodar Uladzimirovich Yanukovich, was born in 1923 in the village of Yanuki, Vitsebsk region. In the beginning of the war, he deserted from the Red Army and joined the Polizei, the collaborationist Nazi police force. He later lived in Ukraine where he was arrested in 1949.

The Yanukovich's government has harshly denounced the publication. Vice prime minister Dmitry Tabachnik said that it was Ukrainian president Yuschenko's father that could serve as a Nazi police staff. Yuschenko's supporters also refuted this allegation.

The document from the file can be found here