Ukrainian media: Ukraine MP Bryhinets detained in Minsk

The politician has been detained allegedly because he is undesirable in Belarus. This has been informed by Ukrainskaya Pravda with a reference to the Open Dialogue Foundation.

“They told me I was undesirable in Belarus which was quite a surprise as I had always supported this country and shared its leaders' vision on the situation. This shows just one thing - there is no independent Belarusian policy, it is fully based on the "big brother" demands," Ukrainian media quote as the Supreme Council member says.

Oleksandr Bryhinets was listed as a member of the delegation that headed to Moscow through Minsk with an aim to observe the trial against Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko. The agenda of the journey included meetings with Nadiya's lawyer, human rights activists, and visiting the pilot in Voronezh investigatory prison.

The delegation was formed by the Open Dialogue Foundation with the help of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and included, apart from Oleksandr Bryhinets, Ukraine's people's deputies Oksana Prodan and Oleh Osukhovski, Poland's MPs Tomasz Makowski and Malgorzata Hasiewska, representatives of the Open Dialogue Foundation, the Center of Civil Freedoms, the Center of Human Rights Information, and Ukrainian journalists.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has already been informed on the incident.

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