Ukrainian border guards: Belarus and Russia differ a lot

Belarus-Ukraine border / Reuters

Belarus-Ukraine border / Reuters / Reuters

Ukrainian border guards are not seeing any movement of military equipment or personnel on the border with Belarus, Ukrinform news agency quoted the spokesman for the Ukrainian Border Guard Service Andriy Demchenko as saying.

He noted that the situation on the border with Belarus is different from the situation on the border with Russia. For example, the Belarusians - unlike the Russians - do not conduct reconnaissance on the border.

"Along the border with Russia, Russia is trying to use a variety of equipment to conduct reconnaissance, including drones. As well as hit squads, which we now see quite often along the Sumy direction," Demchenko said.

Still, the border guards are reinforcing the state border line with Belarus. We are talking about hundreds of kilometers of anti-vehicle ditches, fences, shelters, trenches and other defensive structures built along the border.

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