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Two world-famous bands to rock Minsk in July

Bring Me The Horizon

For two days, residents of the capital's Chyzhouka district will stay awake due to the performances of the world-famous rockers in the local arena.

On July 14, the British band Bring Me The Horizon will present their big program. It is not the first time that rockers will come to Belarus. In the past, every performance was sold out. There is almost no doubt that this time it will be the same, so it's better to buy tickets in advance. Moreover, the Belarusians will hear songs from the new album where the band changed its sound and moved away from the usual "metal" feel.

The tickets are rather affordable with prices ranging from 67 BYN for the dance area (without commission). You can buy tickets at the ticket offices in the city, as well as here.

The next day, "Chyzhouka Arena" will again host the main rock stage in Belarus, as the Thirty Seconds To Mars will come to Minsk once again. They have already visited Minsk three times -- in 2011, 2014, and 2015. And in 2017, the performance was cancelled due to the economic situation in the country. Still, each previous gig was packed. Most likely, this time it will be the same.

Americans are the idols of several generations at once and still remain in the tops of international music charts and awards. In addition, their front-man Jared Leto continues his acting career and has every chance to win more than one Oscar. So it will be possible to see and hear the person who is sometimes compared to a biblical hero for his appearance and voice in real life very soon.

The Americans have chosen Mahiliou rockers Nizkiz which were competing with  well-known European bands as their supporting band. And it is not surprising, because now the band is one of the most popular ones in the country.

Tickets are still on sale with prices starting at 80 rubles. There are few seats left, but relatively good tickets can still be found on the organizers' website.