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Tsikhanouskaya: I am ready to be national leader!

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya / Euroradio

Sviatlana Thikhanouskaya on August 17 issued a video statement saying she is ready to become the nation's leader and take political responsibility.

"Our country and all of us are going through a very difficult period in our history when meanness borders with heroism, despair with courage, love with treason. In this period, we must make our choice - something that our time demands from us," Tsikhanouskaya said.

She also spoke about the people who died during the post-election protests. "We must support their families. In the future, streets will be named after them," Tsikhanouskaya said, stressing their death is a huge loss for the country.

She also reminded viewers that it was not her intention to become a presidential candidate. 

"You gave your votes to me and I appreciate it greatly. I know why you did that: we want to get out of this endless circle where we found ourselves 26 years ago.

I am ready to take up responsibility and act as the national leader to make sure that the country calms down and returns to a normal pace. We must free all political prisoners and prepare a legislative framework for new presidential elections as quickly as possible. New elections must be real, fair, and transparent and recognized by the international community, Tsikhanouskaya stressed.

She noted that Belarusian protesters showed their adherence to the ideas of non-violent resistance.

Tsikhanouskaya once again stressed that the independence of Belarus cannot be lost in any circumstances.

She also personally called on the police forces and asked them to side with people: "I want to call on the people in uniforms. Belarusians are people who do not accept violence. Belarusians are generous and just. If you decide not to carry out criminal orders and side with people, they will forgive and support you. I think you yourself know and understand it very well because we are a single one, which someone wants to separate and instigate against one another."

On August 14, Tsikhanouskaya announced the establishment of the transition government - Coordination Council.

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