Translate The Beatles' song into Belarusian and go to the Beatles Shabli for free!


Euroradio sets up a contest for the best translation of the Beatles' song into Belarusian, together with the organizers of The Beatles Shabli festival. Take your favourite Beatles song, translate it so it could be sung with the music, win our contest and get the tickets to The Beatles Shabli for free!

Send your creations to [email protected] You have a week - we summarize the results on May 28. The fest starts already on June 1! We will pick the winner together with the organizers of The Beatles Shabli.

The translation is considered completed when all bridges and choruses are translated. Rhyme is not obligatory, but The Beatles have it almost everywhere, so it is desirable in the translations as well.

The winner of the contest will get two invitation tickets to The Beatles Shabli. However, other good translations will not be lost! We will include them into the Beatles-karaoke, and offer all the visitors of the festival to take part in it! Naturally, we will announce the authors of the Belarusian versions of the Beatles songs, saying good things about them!

The Beatles Shabli festival will take place on June 1 at the Shabli farmstead and will become the first Belarusian festival this year. The female Liverpool quartet The Beatelles, authentically dressed Serbs Bestbeat and the Russian accordionists Puttin' On The Beatles Style are listed as the headliners.  Belarusian musicians will also take part in the event: Kanstantsin Valkovich's jazz quartet Real Jazz Band, Artefact, The Apples and DJ Ezhaka.

The tickets to The Beatles Shabli are available in the "Kupalauski" shopping center (pavilion 19), "Riga" shopping center (pavilion 18) and the tickets operators ( and ( In May, you can still buy tickets for Br 160 K, 200 - on the festival day.

The road map and other information is available on the festival's website (,

or by phone: +375 29 1408000.