Teacher quits official trade union in court

Tatsiana Seviarynets quit the ranks of the official trade union rights in a court room.
A district court in Vicebsk today continued hearing the case of Tatsiana Seviarynets, a Belarusian language and literature teacher at a local school, who seeks to have her employment restored.

"During the hearing, Mrs Seviaynets made a statement, announcing her departure from the official trade union. She was a member of the union of education workers for 36 years ans was confident that the trade union had to work to defend the rights of workers", ERB correspondent Jadviga Stasheuskaj reports from Vicebsk.

However, the school trade union sided with the adminiatration in a working dispute with the teacher, despite the fact that a lawyer from the regional trade union organization supported Tatsiana's complaints. The woman said she was going to join the Free Trade Unions and hoped they could defend her when in trouble.