Study and work abroad ads banned in Belarus

Students, sample photo /

Students, sample photo / /

Belarus has changed the law on advertising. There is now a ban on advertising study and work abroad. From now on, advertising information about working and studying outside Belarus can be placed only on the websites of organizations that deal with employment or help with referral to study abroad. At the same time, such advertisements must be approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Education.

"Advertisements about education outside the Republic of Belarus should be placed (distributed) exactly in accordance with the agreed text and only on the Internet site specified by the advertiser in the application for approval," the document says. There are also requirements for the information that such advertisements will contain. They should include the name of the advertiser and its contacts, as well as information on the conditions and place of residence of students during their studies abroad.

The same bill provides for the relaxation of the advertising of beer and low-alcoholic beverages on television. At present, the ban on advertising such drinks is valid from 7 to 22 hours, but the new norms shorten the period of the ban. It will be valid from 7 to 21 hours. In addition, it will be possible to advertise alcohol late in the evening and at night, whereas previously such advertising on radio and television was completely prohibited.

Most provisions of the law will come into force six months after its publication.

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