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Students hold 'Love and Solidarity March' in Minsk (photo)


On December 2, a student event called "March of love and solidarity" was held in the center of Minsk. It had been announced in the social networks, but was not permitted by the local authorities. Students opposed the introduction of payment for exam retakes. However, there were very few of them - several dozen people.

They first came to BSU building near the train station, stood at the entrance to the building, but were not allowed inside. Then the young people went to the main building on Independence Square, where the doors were also closed. For a while, students chanted "Rector, come out!".

Today was supposed to be a meeting of the BSU rector Siarhey Ablameyka with students of the institution, but the University website had an announcement about postponement of the event, allegedly in connection with possible provocations.

The police wanted to detain a female participant, but other young people held hands and did not allow it. Law enforcers copied the personal data of some of the participants of the street rally.

Photo: Radio

Students walking along BSU buildings
Protesters are trying to get in, but the guards would not let them
Near the entrance, the students put a carpet for the rector and chanted "Get Rector on the carpet!".
Posters at the rally