Student activist Hleb Vaykul expelled from Belarus State Unversity

Студэнцкага актывіста Глеба Вайкуля выключылі з БДУ

Philology department sophomore Hleb Vaykul has been expelled from Belarus State University. Commenting to BelaPAN, the young man said he had been invited to Human Resources office at the university and told to read the resolution.

The activist said he had failed to pass a test on literature psychology twice to professor Tatsiana Shamiakina. After that, an ad hoc commission was set up to run the test again. It comprised two more professors apart from Shamiakina. Vaykul claims the two other members were not against him pass the test but Shamiakina made sure he would not pass it.

On January 13, Vaykul wrote a letter to BSU rector asking to invalidate the evaluation of the commission. He asked to set a new date for re-taking the test with another chairperso of the commission.

BSU: Hleb Vaykul was already expelled, skipped classes

Vaykul reckons he has enough knowledge to re-take the test. He says he failed to pass "due to political reasons associated with this participation in the students' protest."

Philology Department Dean Ivan Rouda says the student was expelled due to his bad performance. Apart from Vaykul, 14 students were expelled from his department.

Vaykul says he plans to continue education in Belarus or abroad.